Frequently Asked Questions

I am new in flight simulation. Can I join with no experience?
—> Of course. We provide personal flightsim-training on request. Please talk to us!

I am looking for a special destination, but I can´t find a flight.
—> Please talk to a Manager or Dispatcher. He is able to add a destionation to the flight plan.

Do you have own liveries?
—> Sure we have. At the moment we provide liveries for MSFS 2020. P3D and X-Plane will be added soon.

How realistic do I have to fly?
—> It´s everyone own discretion, how realistic a pilot is doing his flight. But we really enjoy seeing people using SimBrief, Charts, real weather and so on…
We also offer every pilot our Company Operations Manual(COM) which includes checklists, Cost-Index rules, Fuel requirements and much more for help.

Can I fly online on VATSIM?
—> Yes of course. But when using an EUX-Callsign, you will need an general appprovement from us.

What else can I find in the VA?
—> We sometimes do events, e.g. fly-in´s, landing challenges or voluntary training sessions. Most of our pilots play other video games or just want talk on the discord server.

Are there any real costs for me?
—> No way.